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The ramblings of a Yankees fan

Yankees fans
Photo Credit: Frank Franklin II – AP Photos

Being a fan of a team with 27 World Series championships can be tough sometimes….. no, really. I am completely serious.

Now I don’t mean all the time, I mean 27 of their 115 seasons have ended with them hoisting a trophy. But that amount of success can create a culture within the fanbase that can make them feel…. entitled.

Yes, it can be fun to be the obnoxious fan who screams, “27 rings” to completely end any argument, or to be able to imagine the games’ brightest stars wearing pinstripes because it’s what we have been accustomed to; but what comes with that is unrealistic expectations, (fueled by us, the fanbase) and the unification of all 29 other fan bases in baseball sharing in the excitement that comes from the Yankees losing.

Most Yankees fans are hype monsters, treating each and every season like the World Series is theirs to lose, and going into the season expecting their team to go 162-0. That just isn’t going to happen. Newly acquired players begin their time in the Bronx with these unrealistic expectations that frankly, no one can live up to. That’s why you see Giancarlo Stanton getting boo’d in his first game played in pinstripes in front of the Bronx-faithful, or pitchers with good track records like Sonny Gray lose all confidence and forget how to locate their pitches. The hype that comes from playing in New York is rough, and we as fans make it that way.

The biggest issue that comes from building up all of that hype is that it makes every fan in America excited for the teams’ downfall. Social media has a field day with memes about the Yankees losing and trash talking, and we become the butt of every joke. It is one thing to watch your team lose, but man does it suck when everyone is enjoying your misery.

After the Yankees lost to the Red Sox in the ALDS this season, the social media roasting was absolutely brutal. From seeing memes of the Michael Jordan crying face photoshopped onto Aaron Judge’s face, to the Red Sox players blaring “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra in the visitors clubhouse after advancing to the ALCS, it put me into a dark place. After investing so much time and energy into following a team can really wear on a person, especially in a sport that has 162 games, and it makes your teams’ loss so much worse; especially in the social media era. The amount of history the Yankees have as a franchise gives fans of the team so much pride, but the other 29 fan bases see that as a reason to mock us…. It’s hard to be on top sometimes.

The highs are what makes the low points as a fan so worth it, we sit here and suffer as we watch our teams lose because when the team wins, there is no better feeling on earth. It just so happens that the team I grew up watching has done it more than anyone else.


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