2018 Trade Deadline, Brandon Drury, featured, New York Yankees

Does Brandon Drury have a future in pinstripes?

Brandon Drury
Photo Credit: Jeff Chevrier – AP Photos

Brandon Drury has  officially been WallyPipp’ed After leaving the game on April 6th due to a nagging migraine issue, Drury has been stuck in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre playing for the Yankees AAA team because of the success of current Yankees third baseman, Miguel Andujar.

The Yankees acquired Brandon Drury from Arizona during the offseason to play third base in 2018, partly because Brian Cashman and the Yankees front office did not feel as though the 22-year-old Miguel Andujar was ready defensively for the MLB. After Drury’s injury though, Andujar has made the most of his opportunity and has earned his spot on the roster.

So what do the Yankees do from here with Drury? They have invested a lot into the former Diamondbacks’ third baseman, and they are going to be more inclined to give him another shot at the major league level, but there is not much room for him on the 25-man roster, barring injury.

Between the Drury and Andujar, the Yankees have two young, major league caliber third baseman; which can be extremely enticing for any potential trade partners. With the Yankees in desperate need for a starting pitcher, their depth at third base can be a starting point for teams to ask for.

The Yankees are looking to contend for a World Series here in 2018 and will need to get more starting pitching if they want to last in the playoffs; which means they will have to make a trade for a big name before July 31st.

Andujar fits that bill perfectly. He has proven he can hit major league pitching for an extended period of time, he is young and under six more years of team control, and plays a premium position. His overall value can help Drury to get another shot in pinstripes, despite currently being stuck in purgatory.

Brandon Drury’s current injury however has bought the team some time, as he has been working towards finding a solution. Drury has allegedly suffered from frequent migraines and blurred vision throughout his MLB career, but it was never documented due to his reluctance to mention it to team doctors in Arizona.

“It’s really affecting my vision. My vision has been very, very blurry,” Drury told the New York Post. “I don’t want to play feeling like that anymore. I have to see what’s going on.”

His current issue is extremely serious, and the Yankees doctors actually began to think the issue was caused from a nerve in his neck, and they decided to give him medicine to try to fix it. He is also using special glasses to help with the vision issues:

The Yankees are going to take their time with him and make sure this is not a lingering issue for him throughout his career, and luckily Andujar’s success has given them the time to do so.

There will be a time however, (somewhere around July 31st if I had to guess.) where the Yankees front office will have to make a decision on the 25-year-old. But for now, add Drury to the list of major league caliber talent stranded in AAA.

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