Clint Frazier, New York Yankees

What Clint Frazier’s promotion means for his future with the Yankees

Clint Frazier
Photo Credit: Tomasso DeRosa – AP Photos

Red Thunder is back! (Or he was back before the team sent him down yet again after the Royals series.) Frazier was called up to the majors to add more depth on the Yankees bench for their two-game series against the Washington Nationals. He remained on the team for their three-game set against the Royals after both games in Washington were rained out.

Frazier dealt with his fair share of adversity to begin the 2018 season after suffering from a concussion-like symptoms after banging his head on the ground trying to make a diving play in the second game of Spring Training. Frazier spent much of last season at the big league level and has become a fan favorite among the New York faithful because of his fiery personality and massive talent.

Clint’s brief promotion can mean a number of things going forward; but boy oh boy did it feel like the Yankees were showcasing the 23-year-old for other teams to see.

As of right now, Frazier is scorching the baseball at the AAA level with a .333/.394/.650 slash line and four home runs in only fifteen games. Those types of numbers would generally earn an extended look from other teams in the majors, but Frazier only played one game against the Royals before being sent back down to AAA. Within the Yankees organization, Frazier is the 5th outfielder behind Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Hicks, Brett Gardner and Jacoby Ellsbury (if he ever makes it back onto a baseball diamond.) and no amount of AAA production will change that.

Frazier is an electric player; he has “legendary bat speed” according to GM Brian Cashman but right now he is blocked for the foreseeable future in the Yankees outfield. As early as last season, the Georgia native was the consensus number two prospect within the Yankees organization and he has proven he is ready right now to play in the big leagues. That type of value is extremely important to other teams and his upside could very well help New York obtain a top of the rotation starter by the trade deadline.

The Yankees just dropped two of three in Texas against the Rangers because of poor pitching. The one glaring hole on their 25-man roster thus far has been their lack of consistency from their starting staff with the exception of the teams’ ace, Luis Severino. It is clear that if the Yankees want to compete in the postseason against teams like the Houston Astros or the Boston Red Sox, they are going to need another front-line starting pitcher to couple with Sevy.

Clint Frazier can help the Yankees to do just that. By showcasing him, Brian Cashman was able to remind the baseball world that Frazier is still a legitimate talent and is fully back from his concussion that had him sidelined for around two months.

The future for Clint in pinstripes seems to be bleak, and it is extremely sad that we may never get to see his intensity on the field; especially for rivalry games. Imagine if Frazier wasn’t hurt during the Yankees-Red Sox brawl on April 12th , he would’ve charged out of the dugout like a bat outta hell trying to get a piece of Joe Kelley for throwing at his teammate.

These are the types of things we are going to miss if the Yankees do decide to trade our boy. I for one will be extremely sad if that day does come.

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