New York Yankees, Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is reporting to Spring Training Monday

Russell Wilson
Tony Gutierrez – AP Photos

Russell Wilson is reporting to Spring Training on Monday to join the Yankees during team drills.

On February 7th the Rangers traded the Wilson to the Yankees for future cash considerations, and immediately invited the Super Bowl winning quarterback to Spring Training to talk about what it means to compete at a high level and how to win.

This is a classic PR stunt in order to bring fans and attention to the Yankees Spring Training camp but what do the Yankees need to do that for? They traded for Giancarlo freakin’ Stanton this offseason! They have fans showing up to batting practice to watch Stanton and Judge and even ESPN showing it live. What do we need Russell Wilson for?

The Yankees have exceedingly high expectations, probably the highest in baseball after making it to Game 7 of the ALCS last season, we don’t need any more distractions. We have a rookie manager and an inexperienced coaching staff (except Larry Rothchild and Marcus Thames.) lets just focus on getting our feet underneath us.

We also do not need Wilson talking about his concussion water to this team or filling their heads with any crazy things other than baseball. He may be a leader on the football field but the baseball diamond is much different.

This is definitely what I’m afraid of, we do not need him taking out a football and running routes in the outfield with Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton and risking injury. These are two injury prone big guys who need to stay healthy this season, lets not risk that for a dang photo op.

Maybe this won’t have any barring on the upcoming season and it will just be a fun time at the ballpark, but all I’m saying is I wouldn’t risk it.


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